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I understand a few of you could be thinking, ‘But hold out, aren’t Viking axes just outdated weapons from a bygone period?’ While it’s true that Vikings aren’t precisely roaming all around pillaging and plundering anymore, the design rules of their axes remain applicable now.

He identified some ten diverse types and labelled them A by way of M. Within his classification, nonetheless, two primary types of axe can be recognized. The primary, the skeggǫx

In the following paragraphs, I will consider you on the journey throughout the historical past of your Viking battle axe, tracing its evolution from a simple Instrument to a deadly weapon.

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The axe was also put to very powerful use within the battlefield. Occasionally it is actually tough to tell irrespective of whether an axe was employed being a weapon or a Resource. Probably the Vikings used their everyday woodworking axes as weapons if the situation demanded it?

Solid hafts: Viking axe hafts have been ordinarily produced from hardwood, for instance ash or oak, and have been usually bolstered with steel bands.

Axes were not only weapons but additionally symbols of ability and standing. Wealthy Vikings owned elaborately decorated axes with intricate designs and treasured metals.

The blade of a Dane axe is incredibly slim, making it both equally sharp and light-weight. The heel, or decreased corner, on the blade, is frequently not as pronounced as the toe, or upper corner, giving the blade an asymmetrical condition. This shape is beneficial for slicing and hooking onto an opponent’s shield and grappling. 

Viking axes have been originally designed to be used in battle, but as the Vikings started to settle and farm, the axe took on a completely new purpose to be a Instrument for clearing land and chopping Wooden.

The Vikings also additional specialised characteristics for instance a spike within the again of the axe head, useful for thrusting and hooking enemy shields. These modifications permitted the Vikings to utilize their battle axes in many different techniques, earning them The most adaptable weapons in their time.

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viking head in helmet with horns on defend and crossed axes - stylized vector emblem - viking axe inventory illustrations

The blades of Viking axes ended up usually comprised of iron or steel. Iron was more prevalent in the earlier A part of the Viking Age, when steel turned more common as metalworking methods Highly developed.

Chopping and slashing attacks were the most basic and common offensive methods used with Viking axes. These effective strikes aimed to deliver devastating blows to an opponent’s limbs or overall body, frequently creating major hurt or incapacitating them with just one perfectly-placed strike.

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